Attendance Procedures

Student Attendance and Attendance Procedures

One of the biggest ways parents/guardians can help their child succeed this school year is to make sure their child gets to school, on time, each and every day. The evidence is clear: children with good attendance are more likely to be successful in school. High attendance rates are linked to high student achievement. Every day counts, and missing school even 10% of the time has a significant negative impact on reading and math achievement as children progress through school. We want to ask for parent’s/guardian’s commitment to making sure their child attends school every day possible this year.

When a child does have to be absent from school, we ask that you communicate with us about the absence. When your child will be absent, you have three communication options:

Call Mrs. Kramp in the main office at 262-348-3040 to speak with her and/or leave a message.
New this year, you may log in to Powerschool to record the reason for your child’s absence. Please see the directions attached here:

We also ask that you let us know about pre-planned absences, including vacations and doctor appointments, ahead of time. When missing school for an appointment, it is always encouraged that you get documentation of your visit to provide to the school as verification. When leaving for an extended vacation, we also ask that you complete the planned absence request form.

Lastly, please also note, as a school, we are required to track student attendance and support families with any attendance issues or concerns. Our highest priority is to have students at school, and we are willing to help in any way we can. As a parent, it is important to understand the current attendance laws stated below:  

A parent or guardian may only excuse their child/children 
10 days during the school year. After these 10 days, an absence can only be excused if the school is provided with a note from a doctor, dentist, court, etc. The same guidelines apply for excessive tardies.

Once a student has been absent for 10 days (excused or unexcused), parents/guardians will receive a letter, noting the absences as well as procedures for next steps to improve attendance

Thank you in advance for your commitment and support to your child’s attendance this school year.

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